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Top 5 Reasons To Attend Plattsburgh Comic Con

1) I'LL BE THERE! Plattsburgh Comic Con is one of a few comic & pop-culture conventions I still attend in upstate New York under the Geek Culture Podcast umbrella. I have been lucky enough to be invited to Plattsburgh since it's inception and now I was invited because of my own growth as a YouTube presence. So, the first reason to attend this show, is to obviously see me.

Free high-fives and selfie all weekend!


2) IT’S AFFORDABLE! You can buy tickets right now at or get your tickets at the door for $15 a day or $25 for the weekend.

In my honest opinion, to have the option of spending two entire days among like-minded pop culture fans, comic artists, celebrities is well worth the price of admission.


3) ITS FAMILY FRIENDLY! Whether you're a seasoned comic-con veteran or a first time attendee, Plattsburgh Comic Con is not only welcoming but accepting of all nerd-levels. The variety of vendors, artists, and guests guarantee that there is something for everyone. Which leads me to the 4th reason you should attend Plattsburgh Comic Con...



When I first started attending comic cons, I was primarily a media guest with my podcast. We rarely had people stop at our table, talk to us, or just be interested... I now attend shows as media, guest, and a vendor. I COVER ALL THE BASES! I say this because i'm proud of my set-up and products I bring to sell at shows like Plattsburgh. I was an 80s baby and the toys, comics, and other goodies I showcase to sell are eclectic. Seriously, I have something for everyone,.. and yeah, I made it 2 times in this list

I write the article, I make the rules.


5) EVER CHANGING GUEST LIST! Although this is the second ever Plattsburgh Comic Con show ever at the Crete Center, the owner of this show also runs a super successful show in Saratoga, New York. I have also been attending Saratoga Comic Con since the beginning and I can say that the guest list changes from year to year. So, even though you are in remote upstate New York, you can pretty much count on different stars every show, so DON'T MISS THE ONES THAT WILL BE THERE THIS SHOW!


6) AND LASTLY,..... ME.

I'm going to be there. Seriously, come say "hi." I'm super nice. Hope to see you at Plattsburgh Comic Cons Summer Show, August 4th-5th!

**This was a solicited article for Chase Con Expo, LLC**

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