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Life as an "influencer"

While the title of "influencer" is currently as overused and oversaturated as the phrase "YouTuber," I still feel like it's an important title that I have earned in my 2 shorts years of creating content.

I track a following that spans over 7 different social media accounts with a combined total over 14,000 followers. The question remains, is that enough to become an Influencer? On paper, absolutely. A successfully one? From my experience, no. My metrics don't add up with impressions, likes, shares, and comments. Just to get this out there, I have never purchased fans or follows, either. I feel like because my content has changed so much in the past 2 years, my old (active) following doesn't care much anymore, nor do they boot me to the curb. I feel like this predicament hurts my influencer growth, as I'm accepted into many programs with affiliations due to the previously mentioned numbers, but still cannot yield purchase power from that following. I now concentrate mostly on YouTube as it has given me the best organic opportunity to showcase my works quality, professionalism, as well as my personality that would (hopefully) drive sales to an affiliated company or product. Yet, we all know YouTube is double edged sword where an unseen algorithm and luck drive "success."

With Amazon Prime Day right around the corner, I'm now looking to close friends and family to use my Amazon Influencer affiliation link for all their Prime Day purchases, as I cannot get my 14k+ followers to click a link or buy a thing. So, why the article? My main reason is I need help.

I have read countless books like #CrushingIt with no real media growth yielded. I don't deny the process, I just feel like social-media/influence is a forever changing animal. As I mentioned in the first sentence of the post, influence is oversaturated. (IMHO)

If you have any suggestions, or guidance you can bestow upon me, please reach out.

Or, if you have made it this far, think of this as a message in a bottle.

Find out more about me, my content, whether you are a creator and have influence yourself or are a content consumer, take what I say to heart and support those smaller creators by sharing, liking, and being active in their own business influence growth.


Lastly, some shameless self promotion. As a small creator and influencer I can always use more people in my corner to help me grow. With that being said, feel free to use my Amazon Affiliate Influencer link for all your Prime Day and future Amazon purchases. I really appreciate everyone that has taken the time to read this.

Thank you so much!


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