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Goals for 2019: A list & update

Today I am booked solid.

I am currently on a phone call with Josh Pavano, a YouTube buddy of mine. We decided to sit down today and talk goals for 2019 w/ multiple social media accounts and content posting platforms.

Here's a look at my notes:



(create micro content / provide value on platform being used)

**PILLAR CONTENT** Website: -Build out terms for portrait photography

-Blog posts for videos

Tom DeCicco / Gail Mommy Vlog / GottLove YouTube:

-Heavy on tech (Tom DeCicco)

-Camera review for Gail (Mommy v log)

-Collab (w/ Josh Pavano) for multi tech review & record stock

Instagram: -Carousel heavy content / video heavy content **STOP FORWARDING TO TWITTER**

-Cleaned up (& ARCHIVED) shit content


-"How's your Monday, what drives you, generic q&a, answer all comments.




-Photoshop content for cross platform (SUBTLE Cross promotion)

Facebook: (Backlog older videos (ever other day) for dedicated uploads)


(1 new upload a week AT LEAST)


I seriously love talking to Josh because he is such an honest and real dude. I totally appreciate him. Huge things coming coming for my dude in 2019. Pumped to watch him grow and crush it.

I also have a call with Makenna & Kyle Gott from the YouTube Channel GottLove, and I cannot wait to talk about the HUGE MOVES we have planned for them in 2019.

While they visited myself, Gail & Ellie last week, they asked me if I had any interest in managing the brand, talking to companies, and closing deals for the brand. i OBVIOUSLY said yes, and am SUPER PUMPED to share with them what I'm planning.

Love those two, and i'll share as much as I can in future posts.

See you all soon!



Go Follow Josh Pavano on YouTube @ Go Follow GottLove on YouTube @

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