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OneWheel PINT: Best OneWheel yet?

Today, Tuesday March 12th, 2019, OneWheel showed for the first time their new product, the OneWheel Pint.

This new OneWheel Pint's mainstay feature is the lowest entry price we've seen yet on a OneWheel product. Coming in at $950, with a financing option as low as $59/month, you can now buy the OneWheel Pint and it's 6 to 8 mile range, 16mph top speed and intelligent LED lights. The Pint is also able to be ordered in 3 new, rad colors; Slate, Sage, and Sand.

Obviously, this price point is quite a difference from the XR model, which starts at a whopping $1,799. The Pint will make this company and item more appealing for general public and mass purchase/use. I personally hope to see some OneWheels in upstate New York very soon. Maybe i'll start a OneWheel gang.

Right now is your best time to buy OneWheel's newest Pint-Sized product as there are some great 48-hour specials.

Check them all out here:


OneWheel has not paid me to write this short article, I am simply a super-fan of their products and I look forward to seeing how they make the future even more rad. Thanks for taking the time to checkout my short blog post. Have an awesome day.

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