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Super Patron Endowment Fund Fuck Yeah: An Application

When first hearing about Super Patron Endowment Fund Fuck Yeah, I thought of making this grandiose video. Telling the story about how I would spend $50,000 as a creative person. Setting the foundation of my needs, by trying to explain who I am in 3 minutes or less. Well, needless to say, the video was never made, and now here we are pitching a life-changing opportunity in an underutilized blog. Hi, i'm Tom... I'm 32 years old, living in upstate New York, and believe it or not, I'm a full time YouTuber. I just recently surpassed 1000 subscribers on the platform after making over 150 videos on the platform over 3 years time. I'm also a full time dad, I have a daughter that just turned 2 and my wife and I are expecting another in early 2020. While making videos is my passion and I still don't get paid for it, my income comes from odd jobs, bartending, and selling stuff on eBay. I make enough to pay my crippling student debt every month and help my wife pay rent, groceries and all the other basic family necessities. We live simple, and within our means. One day, 2 months before our first child was born, I left a corporate 9-5 desk job on recommendation from my wife. She said she could see I wasn't happy and that I wasn't the man she knew from years past. The dreamer in me had died.

From that day, I started telling my story, making videos and documenting the journey.

Thats a little of my backstory. Now the pitch. Upstate New York doesn't offer a lot of creative space for people like me, but it could. I have been looking at a building in my hometown for the better part of 2 years and I want nothing more than to own it and make it a creative space for people to build their own brands, tell their own stories, and create anything they can dream of. A "368" for upstate, if you would. I have walked through the doors of this property so many times, I know where furniture would go, where art would hang, and can even see people walking in the doors for the first time. Like many of the hurdles in my life, money seems to be the common denominator. The Super Patron Endowment Fund Fuck Yeah wouldn't allow me to instantly buy the building, but it would get me one hell of a down-payment to them finance the rest myself. While $50,000 would be absolutely life-changing for me personally in regards to finance, the opportunity to apply that money to something bigger than myself is what gets me really excited. I love making things, and I love seeing people make things, and being a part of it wherever I can. I love community, and drive, and dedication and creativity. This building idea has the potential to not only change my life, but hundreds, or thousands, or millions. For that reason, I know I need to keep trying.

The only people that know about this dream prior to this post was my wife. I hope this blog-pitch finds you well, and if chosen, I look forward to having open doors for any and all to come create, hang out and build up this awesome community of makers.

Thank you.

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