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Bespoke Post - An EDC Dream

I think I always liked the idea of being a 'man's man' more than actually gearing up to be one... While I love straight edge shaves, chopping wood, handmade leather goods, and plenty of other cliche manly things.. I never found it easy to curate the 'necessities' or 'starter kit' to really dive into the EDC (every day carry) realm.

Layflat of my first Bespoke Post package

That was until I did my first Bespoke Post unboxing. To the right of this post is the thumbnail to that initial unboxing. It came with a stainless steel EDC lock-back knife, a waterproof pocket flashlight, and a minimalist leather carry-case/wallet.

These three items got me beyond excited to dive deeper into the EDC lifestyle. I've been spending hors a day looking further and further into knife companies that specialize is quality forged blades on minimal footprints. It also reignited my love for product photography... seriously, look at some of these glamor shots!

Needless to say, if you read this, find EDC fascinating and like what Bespoke is doing with these packages, check out the video link below and enter to (possibly) win one of those dope little accessories. Good luck & thanks for reading.

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