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Mr. Beast Resumé Follow-Up

My name is Tom DeCicco.

In this somewhat unconventional resumé follow-up, you'll find a few examples of working titles & ideas I have come up with for Mr. Beast videos. An example of how I work as a peer in the YouTube space, as well as a surface level analysis of Jimmy's growth and direction needed for future release.

Thank you for your time.


Working Titles / Ideas for future videos:

1) Giving my 60,000,000th subscriber 60 Surprise Gifts!

2) Last to jump on trampoline wins $50,000! (crew challenge)

3) Spending $50,000 in 10 minutes Blindfolded!

4) I opened a negative money store! (cost of item = money given plus item)

5) Spending 24 hours in an abandoned mine!

6) 24 hours world record challenge (crew challenge)

7) I made an entire city out of cardboard

8) Cardboard city scavenger hunt for $100,000

9) Influencer Last-man-standing (warzone) livestream in the Cardboard City! (Call of Duty / Apex Sponsor?) 10) Buying all the toys in a toy store! (X-Mas Donation video **Friends With Hearts**

11) Donating $1 to HUGE streamers.

12) I filled my mom's car with SLIME and bought her a new one!

13) Ordering from a restaurant until they are out of food. (Donation video)

14) I tried paying for fast food with Bitcoin!


Based on my analysis of the Mr. Beast channel on 12/7/20, a video released 6 months ago “I Bought The World's Largest Firework ($600,000)” is still drawing an average of 312k+ views a day.

I believe focusing attention on a series with another “world's largest” subject would explode, for example: 1) Buying the worlds LARGEST car (The American Dream) 2) Spending 24 hours in the world's largest car! 3) Last to leave the world's largest car KEEPS it!

This is American Dream BTW... I think seeing it makes it easy to visualize a banger thumbnail. :)


You may have noticed that this particular blog post is a direct forward from the website The reason for that is simple. When I first wanted to show my support for Jimmy by purchasing merch, he was running his #InvestInBeast campaign. I naturally went to, only to find the site didn't exist. I then went ahead, purchased the site, and set it up an FWD to, with hopes that I would someday be able to give it to Jimmy (if he wanted it.) That offer will forever stand. I bought the site for him, so nobody else would get it or exploit it. I hope that brief story speaks to my integrity and loyalty to my peers. Even if I am not chosen for a position, I will revert back to the FWD address to the ShopMrBeast site.

Lastly, I’d love the opportunity to help grow the Mr. Beast channel and brand. I am inspired by the work ethic and “larger than myself” attitude displayed by Jimmy. Since studying and being introduced to the channel, I have reflected on myself to use influence and my knowledge to do as much good as I can and vowed to help others with the same passion succeed.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hopefully hearing from you.

-Tom DeCicco

P.S: If you need a personal reference, ask Derral. He knows me. :)


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