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I'm back on TikTok

I always felt that I thought too hard about making mindless content on TikTok. I didn't know what i wanted to be "known for" if any of my content ever "took" to the mass audience. Well, after dueting a few people and doing some silly challenge stuff on the channel, I decided to make daily content that would primarily motivate people to follow because of it's silly implications.

My gimmic is... DRUMROLL PLEASE!!!!!

I'm drinking water everyday, until i hit 100k! Yea... that's it... i drink water for 15 seconds.

It's easy enought hat I can do it everyday, and needless to say, I can do it everywhere... It's not a dance or anything I have to do.. it's super simple. I'm stoked about it.

Here is my TikTok code... ---------> Go watch this video and follow me cause i'm about to make water drinking history.


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