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November 22nd | The Sale

4:36pm: It doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving. I sit ting on a Hyper Touch mechanics stool in the hardware section, guarding footballs and hammers. All I keep asking myself is, “Why are you here?”

  • 5:08pm: I lied to a customer about eating thanksgiving dinner. I said I did, and I didn’t.

  • 6:54pm: I’ve been sitting in a chair just shy of 3 hours. #Work

  • 7:13pm: I invited twitter to share in the Thanksgiving love blog journey. Hi Twitter.

9:32pm: It’s my lunch hour. It’s unpaid, which is unfortunate... because if I could choose I would rather skip eating than have to spend an unpaid hour sitting on my phone watching cat videos on YouTube.

12:56am: I punch out.

1:13am: home.

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